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Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters
€420.00 / 1 h 30 min
Price includes 10 persons.Extras:
  • €42.00


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Treasure Hunters!


Find the hidden treasures with a metal detector!


In this fun and exciting activity you hunt various metal objects in teams.  

Each team is given a metal detector, map, small equipment bag and various clues. The search area is marked on the map and the hidden items can be old gold coins, keys or other metal objects that help the team.

Puzzle solving skills are also useful for the team.


The activity is easy and the search area easy to walk.

We don't dig the ground but search for objects hidden on the ground.

The winner team is rewarded with a small prize.


  • 42€ + VAT 24% per person. Minimum charge is for 10 persons

  • Maximum group size 50. For bigger groups please ask for availability

  • Duration is 1,5 hours

  • Can be arranged in spring, summer and autumn

  • Location: Nature Center Haltia, Hotel Majvik, Hotel Hanasaari, Hotel Nuuksio, Backby Manor, Hotel Korpilampi, Hotel Lepolampi, Haltia Lake Lodge, Hotel Sveitsi, Koiviston Huvila


What to pack:  Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather. In case of rain we will provide good and comfortable rain capes. Water bottle is included.


NOTE!    Activity is not available in the webshop, please ask more information and availability:   inu@forestful.fi  /  +358 50 5413252



Inu Pelli

Nature and wilderness guide