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€680.00 / 1 h 30 min
Price includes 10 persons. Extras:
  • €68.00


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Join us for a fun and refreshing fatbiking tour!


We offer many scenic and diverse tracks for fatbiking.

The pace and route will be planned to be suitable for the group. We will also have several breaks during the tour.


Before we set off we will get acquainted with the fatbikes and the participants will get guidance for safe cycling. The fatbikes are equipped with very thick tyres and have an excellent grip. Because of the fat tyres the fatbikes are also light to cycle on an uneven terrain.

We have 14 pcs fatbikes and 2 pcs e-fatbikes (electric) in our fleet. The e-fatbikes are always included in our fatbiking tours. This helps the group stay better together especially when there are participants with variable condition and skills. It is also possible to change bikes during the tour so that all willing have a chance to try out an electro fatbike. 


  • 68€ + VAT 10% per person. Minimum charge is for 10 persons

  • Group size max 16. For bigger groups please ask for availability.

  • Duration of the tour is 1,5 hours or according to your wishes. The lenght of the tour can be modified to your group

  • Water bottle is included

  • Can be arranged in spring, summer and autumn

  • Location: Nature Center Haltia, Hotel Majvik, Hotel Hanasaari, Hotel Nuuksio, Backby Manor, Hotel Korpilampi, Hotel Lepolampi, Haltia Lake Lodge, Hotel Sveitsi, Villa Ivan Falin  


What to pack:  Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather (we prefer layers so bring an extra layer for the break!) and sporty shoes. We will provide a bottle of water for you.


You will still receive beforehand a separate info about the fatbike tour by email.


NOTE!    Activity is not available in the webshop, please ask more information and availability:   inu@forestful.fi  /  +358 50 5413252



Inu Pelli - Wilderness and nature guide


Being in nature not only makes you feel better emotionally but it contributes to your physical wellbeing by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones only after 10 minutes!