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Escape from the Swamp Island!

Escape from the Swamp Island!
€620.00 / 1 h 30 min
Price includes 10 persons.Extras:
  • €62.00


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Escape from the Swamp Island!

Clock is ticking, will you get out in time!

In the game you try to escape from a shed located on an imaginary Swamp Island.

There are two real walls with electricity, running water, tabletops, shelves, hidden lockers etc. In addition there are plenty of real furniture, tools, locked boxes and other gear and props typical to escape rooms. 

You will solve multiple puzzles and riddles, work as a team while enjoying being outdoors together with your group!

You play the game outdoors but the atmosphere is a like in the traditional escape room indoors!

This outdoor escape room game is guaranteed to be a fun and compelling experience!

For the postgame speculation we can also light a campfire, feel the atmosphere of the fire and cook traditional pot coffee and have a popular pancake party!

(separate program and price) 

  • 62€ + VAT 24% per person. Minimum charge is for 10 persons

  • Duration of the activity is 1,5 hours

  • ​Maximum group size is 35

  • This activity can be arranged in spring, summer and autumn (rain is not a problem)

  • Activity is in Finnish and in English

  • Location: Nature Center Haltia, Hotel Majvik, Hotel Hanasaari, Hotel Nuuksio, Backby Manor, Hotel Korpilampi, Hotel Lepolampi, Hawkhill Cottage Resort, Haltia Lake Lodge, Hotel Sveitsi, Bodom Manor, Koiviston Huvila  

What to pack:  Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather. In case of rain we will provide good and comfortable rain capes. Water bottle is included.

NOTE!    Activity is not available in the webshop, please ask more information and availability:   inu@forestful.fi  /  +358 50 5413252


Inu Pelli & Tero lähde

Being in nature not only makes you feel better emotionally but it contributes to your physical wellbeing by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones only after 10 minutes!