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LAKELAND - Hike Over the Beautiful Ridge

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Hike Over the Beautiful Ridge


Come and see the beautiful scenery, breathe the cleanest air in the world, hear the silence, taste the seasonal berries and wild herbs, smell the fresh forest and feel the Northern paths under your feet!


During this activity we will hike and see the most beautiful spots and sights of Liesjärvi National Park, among others the unique Kyynäränharju Ridge (please see the pictures!). The guide will tell you about the local nature and in the midway we will gather around open fire and fill our bellies with local delicacies served with traditional Finnish pot coffee, tea and blueberry soup. If you wish you also have the possibility to dip in the pure and clear waters of the wilderness lakes!


  • Duration of the activity is about 3 - 3,5h
  • Length of the hike is about 4,5km (if you wish we can also hike a shorter route 2,5km)
  • This activity can be arranged in all weather conditions and all year around
  • For bigger groups than 20 persons please ask availability:

This activity is available for webshop bookings only for Saturdays and Sundays, bookings for weekdays please contact us:


Here a gorgeous short video of Liesjärvi National Park by our partner Retkipaikka:


Finland is one of the safest country in the world and a natural wonderland with 40 national parks and a land of nearly 200 thousand lakes, which provides a unique adventure playground for outdoor people! Liesjärvi National Park is located on the Tammela lakeland just about an hour away from Helsinki. The national park and its surrounding backwoods have always been a wilderness area and therefore an unique destination to explore the stunning Finnish nature. 


  • What to pack: Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather and good shoes to explore off the beaten track. In case of rain we will provide good and comfortable rain capes. In winter please dress warm!
  • Requirements: Hiking on the forest trails and paths. Children are also very welcome, but please ask more information by email. The terrain is relatively flat, no big uphills. In case of any allergies please let us know it well beforehand
  • Several dry toilets can be found along the route
  • Meeting point: Free parking lot at Kanteluksentie 211, 31380 Tammela, Finland. The easiest way to get there is by car
  • Please see the terms and cancellation policy below! 


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If you need transportation to Liesjärvi National Park please ask more by email

If you want to 'live like a local' type of accommodation in beautiful Tammela countryside (beach, heritage farm and farm animals nearby) please ask more by email



Inu Pelli

Nature and wilderness guide, wild herb, forestmind and kayaking instructor


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